Discovery Europe orders cityscape doc Strip the City

Discovery Networks Western Europe has ordered Strip the City, a six-part documentary that uses CGI to strip back the surfaces of some of the world’s major cities.

The doc series will be coproduced by UK indie Windfall Films (Massive Moves) and its Canadian counterpart Handel Productions (Inside the Titanic). In each episode CGI will be used to strip away the outer workings of a city to reveal its origins and how it functions.

Strip the City is a visually eye-popping series, mashing urban geology with audacious engineering,” says Carlo Massarella, series exec producer and Windfall Films company director. “The mix of mind-bending CGI animation and high-octane character driven actuality offers a fresh take on the subject matter.”

The cities covered in the series are: London, Rome, Dubai, San Francisco, Sydney and Toronto.

Dan Korn, Discovery’s senior VP & head of programming, Western Europe added: “Strip the City is a pioneering series that will give us a unique view into the infrastructure of some of the world’s biggest cities and best known landmarks.”

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