Shine to remake Patito Feo in Spain

Latin American teen comedy format Patito Feo, la historia más linda is to be remade in Spain after the Spanish arm of Shine struck a deal with rights holder Elastic Rights.

Shine Iberia is to develop and produce a local version of the series, which was originally produced by Ideas del Sur for Argentina’s Canal 13.

The show – which translates as Ugly Duckling in English – tells the story of a 13 year old girl who becomes a pop star.

The original 265x1hour series was distributed internationally by Televisa Internacional with Elastic Rights taking rights in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece and Turkey. The distributor has sold the tape to Cartoon Network, Disney Channel and Telecinco in Spain, Disney Channel and Italia 1 in Italy, Sic and Panda Biggs in Portigal, the Mega Channel in Greece and Nickelodeon in Turkey.

Shine Iberia is currently shopping the series to broadcasters.

Macarena Rey, CEO of Shine Iberia, said: “We are really glad and honored with this agreement and the possibility of participating in this format with proven success both in Latin America and Southern Europe. We are absolutely convinced of the lots of possibilities of its adaption to the Spanish market.”

Ignacio Orive, president of Elastic Rights said: “We feel doubly pleased to be entering into this agreement with Shine Iberia. It gives us the opportunity to further expand and share the Patito Feo brand tsunami that has afforded us so many great moments over the past three years, and in addition gives us the opportunity to be one of the first companies to enter into direct business with the Shine Group’s new Iberian offshoot.”

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