Sir David Attenborough commits to another 3D show for Sky

Sir David Attenborough is making another3D natural history show for UK pay TV operator BSkyB. Having already made several 3D shows with Atlantic Productions for Sky, the iconic natural history broadcaster told TBI that he is about to start production on a new 3D show, which will examine natural life in miniature.

“I’m just back from the Galapagos and am about to start on a new show that is in a miniature world,” Attenborough said. The Galapagos 3D show is the first from Colossus Productions, the joint venture between Atlantic and Sky. It will debut on Sky next year and the new show after that.

Attenborough admitted to some frustration that more viewers cannot yet see his 3D shows in that format. “It’s a pity that so far [3D TV] is not nationwide,” he said. “There’s no getting away from the fact that a lot of people do not like wearing the glasses. When there is a way of watching without glasses there will be a great spurt in the amount of people watching and by then we will know from what we have done how to make 3D programmes. We will have dealt with the production problems by the time the problem of the spectacles has been solved.”

A veteran of the BBC, Attenborough added that he would like to see the BBC do more in the realm of 3D, but accepted that the governors of the public broadcaster faced a tough task deciding how to allocate license fee funds.

“The fact of the matter is that 3D is extremely expensive and I am sorry that the BBC isn’t doing more because it has been at the forefront of every technological advance in TV,” he said.