Buyer profile: Emma Tennant, controller, UKTV

Do you enjoy going to the LA Screenings?

It’s the bit you love about the job. You get to sit and watch all of the new shows that they piled loads of money into the pilots.

What’s UKTV international acquisition strategy?
For certain channels in our portfolio, acquisitions are a key driver, particularly for Watch, Alibi, Dave and Really. We have ramped up acquisitions at UKTV, which has driven a great deal of success.

What have you acquired recently?

Alcatraz, from Warner Bros, has performed really well for us, which we’ve just learned has been cancelled. It was in a tough spot [in the US] and I think if it had been in another slot it would have got a second season.

No Ordinary Family did well for Watch and Grimm is performing well.

What are you looking for this year?
Watch is going to be a focus for us. The channel has moved on and we’re looking for out of the ordinary shows. We are looking at thrillers and shows with a sci-fi feel.

Do you track the series in development?
We have been tracking some things but you don’t know what’s going to be picked up. I used to read scripts but then they weren’t always what you’d imagine.

What are you looking to buy?
If we find the right shows, we’ll pick up shows for each of the channels. The thing is we can look across the genres so it gives us plenty of opportunities. I think it’s going to be a good year.