Matthieu Porte’s Can’t Stop sets up scripted production hub

Can’t Stop Media, the international producer and distributor set up by former Zodiak executive Matthieu Porte, has launched a US production hub that will be used to make international versions of its new drama Hollywood Girls.

Porte says that this is the first time a carousel production system has been set up for a scripted drama series.

Hollywood Girls is 25x30mins drama series produced by La Grosse Equipe for French broadcaster NRJ12. The show takes a number of celebrities from reality shows and puts them into a Gossip Girl style soap, based in Los Angeles.

“We are launching the first production hub for fiction, in the same way that Endemol does for shows like Total Wipeout,” says Porte.

Can’t Stop Media is in talks with broadcasters and producers in Germany and across Asia to produce local versions on the same set. “They will replicate the French drama identically. They will use our shots, use exactly the same locations. They don’t have to write the scripts, they just have to translate them,” he adds.

Can’t Stop was set up last year by Porte and distributes series including documentary Gaga by Gaultier, which was picked up by US network The CW, and entertainment format Angels of Reality.