All3Media launching its own VOD service in the US and UK

Producer and distributor All3Media is launching a branded on demand service in the UK and US and will sell its shows direct to consumers via connected TVs.

The private equity-backed, UK-based, company has inked deals with TV set manufacturers Samsung and LG and their connected TVs will have an app allowing consumers to buy All3 shows.

All3 said that it will also launch the on-demand service on other platforms.

The UK service will roll out this month and the US service later this year. There will be 230 hours of programming including Skins, The Only Way Is Essex, Midsomer Murders, Derren Brown and Peep Show.

“Our primary business will continue to be licensing our programmes to international broadcasters and video on demand partners such as Netflix, Hulu and Lovefilm,” said Andy Taylor, commercial director, All3Media. “The new All3Media app, however, will allow us to experiment with different payment models, to continue to get closer to our viewers and to experiment offering our content in a range of territories. It is estimated that there will be 500 million connected TVs in the world in 2015 so now seems like a good time to experiment and learn about consumer behaviour”.

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