Chris Grant to leave Shine International

Chris Grant is to leave Shine International after the Lis Murdoch-owned company announced that it was relocating its headquarters from Los Angeles to London.

John Pollack, who is head of sales, will also leave.

Grant, who is president, Shine International, which is the global sales arm of the producer, will work with the company through a six-month “transitional period” as it looks to find a new boss. Shine Group president Alex Mahon will take over in the interim.

Grant and Pollack both worked with Ben Silverman before he sold Reveille and its international distribution arm to the Shine Group.

“At this stage of the company’s growth, Shine International needs its headquarters alongside our teams that manage and exploit group formats, brands and digital rights, with local sales experts in our global production centres of excellence,” said Mahon.

Separately, SVP, business and operations Martin Rakusen will relocate to the London office. 

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