AETN closes post-MIP TV deals

AETN International, the global sales arm of the US cable network, has sold a raft of programming to free-to-air broadcasters following the MIP TV market.

The distributor closed significant deals in Europe, particularly across Scandinavia, and Asia.

Norway’s TV2 acquired Manhunters and Ice Road Truckers: Deadliest Roads; Denmark’s DR picked up Ice Road Truckers, Sweden’s Kanal 5 bought a package of Bio series including Bio Remembers: Elizabeth Taylor and Charlie Sheen: Bad Boy on the Edge, while rival Swedish network TV4 also renewed a long term agreement.

Belgium’s VMMA picked up a Lifetime Movie Package, Most Extreme Airports and Heavy as well as season five of Ice Road Truckers, while Spain’s TV3 bought America: The Story of the US and Engineering an Empire.

Croatia’s HRT bought Pawn Stars and WWII Lost Films; pan regional documentary channel Spectrum took Cities of the Underworld and The First 48, while Bosnian broadcaster Kanal 1 acquired Steven Seagal Lawman, The Squad: Prison Police, Fugitive Chronicles and American Gangster.

Meanwhile, Singapore’s MediaCorp licensed Seriously Funny Kids and Korea’s Military Channel bought Top Shot. 

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