BSkyB calls for UK become a 3D “centre of excellence”

The UK has the potential to become a “centre of excellence” in the production of 3D content for TV, according to Brian Lenz, director of TV product development at UK pay TV operator BSkyB.

Lenz, speaking at the Digital TV Summit in London, organised by TBIvision publisher Informa, yesterday, said that the UK could become a centre for 3D TV content production.

“It’s an opportunity for the UK industry to set a leading benchmark,” he said. Lenz added he was hopeful that Sky and other broadcasters, including the BBC, could work together to make 3D “the next big thing” for TV.

“We have to thank the BBC for its commitment to HD in the early days for what they did with the preview channel. They made that available on the Sky platform, which then transferred to Freesat and Freeview,” said Lenz. Raising the question of whether the same model could work for 3D, he highlighted the possibility of “commercial broadcasters working in collaboration with Sky to build a 3D ecosystem”.

Lenz said that 3D would have a different lifecycle and rate of take-up than HD, but he believed it could nevertheless replicate the success of HD in becoming a mass-market product. “We believe in it because it’s tested better and had a better positive response with customers than anything we have tested before,” he said.