Skywriter and Hulk Hogan tag-team for new kids gameshow

Canada’s Skywriter Media is teaming up with Hulk Hogan for a kids gameshow/reality series Hogan’s Court. The pro-wrestler will serve as a judge in the show and preside over kids disputes in a comic book-like courtroom.

The winner of each episode will win prizes and the loser meets ‘The Punisher’ and faces an array of punishments from being slimed to ducked in vat of beans or serving ‘community service’ tasks like cleaning up the streets.

“It’s Judge Judy for kids, but with the Hulk” Gillis tells TBIvision. “It’s a comic gameshow with larger-than-life sets and kids can bring on family or friends to get issues resolved.”

The 26x30mins show will be coproduced by Skywriter, the production company set up by Kevin Gillis following his departure from Breakthrough Entertainment, Lenz Entertainment and Positive Productions.

The domestic broadcaster has not yet been announced, but Skywriter will be looking for presales at MIPCOM next month.

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