Daily Motion seeks deals with Euro broadcasters

Online-video provider Daily Motion is looking to sign deals with leading broadcasters in the UK,Germany and Spain for long-form series and video clips to be added to its portal as it seeks to offer more professional content alongside user-generated video.

The deals will add to several that the company, backed by private-equity investors and the French state, has struck recently with broadcasters including Viacom, Fox Sports, TV Azteca and news broadcasters ITN and CNN for the UK. Some of these agreements involve full-length shows but most of the material provided under them is in the form of clips.

Luc Dumont,vice president of international expansion at Daily Motion, told TBIvision sister title New Media Markets that the deals under negotiation were not restricted to long-form content and the site was also looking for short clips. The focus was on ensuring that “quality”videos were added to the site, he said:
“It’s not necessarily a ‘one size fits all’type of approach.”

Dumont said that while the company would be adding more programs for France and the US, its two biggest markets, Daily Motion was now focusing on deals with European broadcasters – particularly in Spain, the UK and Germany – and wanted to expand the comedy, films,sports and news genres.