TV revenues double at Lionsgate

US indie studio Lionsgate increased its international sales of TV series by over 127% in the last twelve months as a result of reality shows including Paris Hilton’s My BFF and Scream Queens.

The company increased international distribution revenues from US$5.8 million at the end of June 2008 to US$13.2 million at the end of June 2009. It noted in its quarterly results that this was largely down to the popularity of these reality series and dramas including Crash as well as the renewed sales for breakout hits such as Weeds and Mad Men.

The company also saw its television production revenue more than double to US$87.2 million from US$41 million as a result of new series such as Showtime’s dark comedy Nurse Jackie and increased production fees for the fifth season of Weeds.

Overall revenue at Lionsgate, which produces and distributes movies including hit horror flicks Drag Me To Hell and the Saw franchise, also rose by 20% to US$387.7 million with profits of US$36.3 million.

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