France’s 5 Frenchies format travels worldwide

French format 5 Frenchies has been sold into six countries including the US, where RDF will make a local version called World’s Greatest Lover.

The original French show was for French digital channel NRJ12 and follows five bachelors as they travel around with no money and compete to get the most French kisses. Episodes of the French show, which is produced by La Grosse Equipe, were set in Miami and Rio.

International sales are being handled by Zodiak and Diverse in the UK and Magnolia in Italy will make local versions. Both are part of the Zodiak group.

In Spain, Zebra will make the local version and the show will air on Antena Neox, the DTT channel operated by fee-to-air broadcaster Antena 3 (which is part-backed by Zodiak owner DeAgostini). The Spanish version, Seduction in Miami, will be shot in the US, fronted by actor Miguel Angel Munoz and air this summer.

The show has also been sold into Belgium, where it will air on Plug TV, and a deal is pending in Greece. The US broadcaster is not yet known.

In France the original series has spawned a spin-off, featuring five female contestants 5 Bombes chez les Frenchies.

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