Sunny Side news: Euro fund for Dutch docs

A new fund fully financing Dutch-originated docs will launch later this year.

The Dutch Independent Documentary Fund will be managed by Hans Boescher who unveiled it at the Sunnyside documentary festival, which is taking place in the French city of La Rochelle this week.

Boescher has obtained several millions of Euros of backing from the Dutch Lottery Foundation, which spends about €300 million a year on charitable causes. The fund will become operational later this year and is intended to run for several years.

‘It’s very difficult for documentary producers looking for money in Holland,’ Boescher said. ‘You need a broadcaster and have to go to several funds, which can take a year and a half, by which time the opportunity has gone.’

The new fund will fully finance projects with environmental or social themes. The project must be originated in Holland, but funding is available for documentaries with international coproduction partners on board.

A website — — with full details of how to apply, how much is available and the selection criteria should be up and running later this week, Boescher said.

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