Globo taps Amazonia deals

Globo TV International has closed a number of major deals for its latest big budget drama Amazonia.

The sales arm of Brazil’s leading broadcaster has sold the show, which follows love and deceit in the tropical rainforest’s rubber tapping industry, to Portuguese commercial broadcaster SIC and Romanian female skewed free-to-air network Acasa TV, which is owned by CEE media outfit CME. The series has also been picked up by Venezuelan broadcaster Televen.

All three broadcasters have acquired the full run of 45x60mins. Globo TV International is also selling Amazonia as a 3x90mins miniseries.

Amazonia is the follow up to The Clone, written by leading Latin American writer Gloria Perez, which has been sold to over 80 territories.

Raphael Correa Netto, international sales director at Globo TV International, told TBIvision: "We want to send the message that we are not only telenovela producers."

He added that in addition to selling to traditional broadcasters, with Amazonia, it is the first time the company is also specifically targeting new media platforms. "We also have to think towards video on demand operators," he added.

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