Hit punches past preschool

Preschool kids producer Hit Entertainment is growing up with the launch of a number of shows for kids that step outside of its traditional under-5-years-old target audience. The company is developing shows that fit the 6-to-9-year-old demographic for the first time to keep hold of viewers as they grow out of preschool.

It will launch Rainbow Magic, an animated version of the hit book, aimed at girls 5-to-9-years-old, which has sold more than 15million copies worldwide.

It is also distributing The Likeaballs, an animated series produced by Jim Quick that is also the official cartoon of English football’s Premier League. Hit has acquired international rights for the CBBC show that targets boys aged 6-9.

Alison Homewood, VP, worldwide TV distribution at Hit Entertainment, says that these are the two shows that are moving Hit slightly older. “That age is rather ill-served in programming because the kids are too old for traditional preschool shows but as a parent you wouldn’t necessarily want them to watch Bratz,” she says. “We haven’t gone full scale into 6–to-12 but in certain countries channels divide preschool and it’s that bridging age. I don’t think you’ll ever see Hit going pre-teen, in the 9-13s,” she adds.

The move came as broadcasters such as the BBC in the UK, PBS in the United States and Nickelodeon talked of a potential gap post-preschool. Other shows in development that Hit is bringing to MIPCOM include The New Adventures of Angelina, which is the CGI update of Angelina Ballerina, as well as a revamped Fireman Sam.

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