Show of the Week

Show of the week: Soundtracks – Songs That Defined History

From the March on Washington to the LGBT riots at the Stonewall Inn, the moon landing to Hurricane Katrina, Soundtracks – Songs That Defined History explores the music that played an integral part in celebrating, criticising and amplifying these momentous events in mankind’s collective memory. Explaining the eight-part doc’s appeal to buyers, Sam Harowitz, VP […]

Show of the week: Tangled: The Series

Tangled: The Series is a Walt Disney TV Animation series, based on the hit 2010 animated feature film Tangled. Distributed by Disney Media Distribution, the series premiered on March 24 on Disney Channels around the world. Prior to launch, the show was already greenlit by Disney for a second season. In narrative terms, the TV […]

Show of the week: World’s Most Evil Killers

World’s Most Evil Killers is a 20x46mins series that delves into the sordid minds of some of the most notorious murderers on the planet. Retelling chilling tales using a combination of interviews, narration, archive and stylised reconstruction, the show explores murderers including Fred and Rose West, ‘The Milwaukee Cannibal’ Jeffrey Dahmer and Ed Gein – […]

Show of the week Kosmoo

Kosmoo is a live-action adventure series that follows Robbe and his bionic dog Kosmoo as they embark on a journey to solve crimes and mysteries in the sleepy village of Seaview. They are assisted by Ellis, the girl next door, who is a wheelchair user. Robbe’s bedroom can be transformed into a secret control centre […]

Show of the week: Denmark vs Eastern Europe

In a short time, Amsterdam’s Lineup Industries has developed a reputation as a distribution company with an eye for unusual, thought-provoking formats such as The Bully Project. Denmark vs Eastern Europe is the latest in that vein, putting prejudices about immigration under the microscope. “It’s a social experiment that taps into all that you read […]

Show of the week: Ackley Bridge

If one of the roles of TV drama is to shine a light on real-life issues, Ackley Bridge tackles some gritty topics head-on. Education, race relations and identity are all themes in the six-part drama for Channel 4 in the UK. Another role of drama is to entertain, and if the premise of Ackley Bridge sounds […]

Show of the week Cash Island

Having launched Guess My Age on French DTT channel C8 and gotten several local versions away, Vivendi Entertainment is hoping to repeat the trick with Cash Island. “C8 commissioned it and we co-invested,” says Matthieu Porte, executive VP, international and development at Vivendi Entertainment. The new show will run to 4x90mins in France and is […]

Show of the week: Mr Magoo

Mr Magoo is a 2D animation series for 6-to-11-year-olds, based around a classic character that first saw the light of day in 1949. The character is owned by Dreamworks Animation, but this new show is being made under licence by Xilam Animation for France 3. Cartoon Network Asia is also on board the show, and […]

Show of the week: The Good Doctor

With Freddie Highmore (Bates Motel) and Richard Schiff (The West Wing) on its bill, The Good Doctor isn’t lacking for star power. But perhaps more interestingly, the new ABC drama is one of the highest profile series ever to shine a light on autism – a condition that makes communication difficult for an affected person, […]

Show of the week: Lucky Room

With NATPE Europe around the corner, Turkish distributor Global Agency is building up interest in Lucky Room, the latest format from Shopping Monsters producer Erdi Productions. Global Agency CEO Izzet Pinto says having the production company behind the well-travelled shopping makeover format, plus others such as My Wife Rules, is “a good credit as people […]