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Canada TV changes risk C$1.4bn loss, 15,000 jobs

An in-depth independent report on the changes sweeping the Canadian TV industry claims the new regulatory regime could result in 15,000 job losses and a C$1.4 billion (US$1 billion) reduction in the media sector’s contribution to the wider economy. The 104-page report was written by analysts at Nordicity and examines the likely impact of the […]

CBC slashing staff by 20%, moving to mobile under five-year plan

The CBC has unveiled a five-year strategy, which will involve a shift from TV to mobile platforms and the loss of between 1,000 and 1,500 jobs – about 20% of the Canadian public broadcaster’s workforce. There will also be a move away from in-house production to acquired programming, CBC president and CEO Hubert T. Lacroix […]