EuropaCorp Television

Mediawan to acquire French firms including Eurocorp TV

Mediawan, an independent European audiovisual content firm, is set to acquire Storia Television, the company created to sell EuropaCorp’s TV business, and majority stakes in Makever and Mon Voisin Productions. Mediawan is looking to become ‘the leading French producer of TV fiction’ by purchasing EuropaCorp Television (minus its US business), after Europacorp sold the division to […]

EuropaCorp sells French TV assets for €11m

EuropaCorp Television has sold business assets for its French television production activity. The current CEO of EuropaCorp Television, Thomas Anargyros, has bought the assets for €11 million (US$13 million). As a result of this sale, the company will reduce its overheads by €2.5 million-€3 million a year. The transaction will include the sale of the […]

EuropaCorp sells 28% stake to Chinese firm

Luc Besson’s EuropaCorp has sold more than a quarter of its shares to Chinese production and distribution company Fundamental Films. The US$67 million hands Fundamental a 27.9% stake in the France-based film and television production company through subsidiary FF Motion Invest. Besson’s holding company, Front Line, will remain EuropaCorp’s main shareholder with a 31.6%, diluted […]