Netflix makes moves to meet EU’s SVOD quota

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has confirmed that the platform’s latest bid for €1bn investment in European content is in part to meet European content quotas laid out last month, during his keynote speech at Series Mania in Lille. EU bodies agreed that there should be a 30% quota of European works on Netflix-style services, last […]

EU bodies agree 30% quota on SVOD services

The European Parliament, European Council and the European Commission have struck a preliminary deal on revisions to the audiovisual media services directive that will see new quotas imposed on subscription video-on-demand services. The new rules will include an obligation on OTT TV services, promoted by the Parliament, to respect a quota of 30% for European […]

European broadcasters slam ‘backwards’ EU directive

Europe’s commercial broadcasters have warned that proposed changes to the regulations governing content and broadcasting in the EU risk damaging growth and investment in the sector. Several of the EU commercial broadcaster’s industry groups signed a joint declaration. They said today that the mooted changes to the AVMS directive will not achieve the EU’s desired […]

TVPlayer calls for new OTT pubcaster rules

UK online TV service TVPlayer has called on the government to table a provision to enable OTT TV services to retransmit public broadcast channels. The move follows a European Court of Justice ruling that another online TV player, TVCatchUp, was in breach of copyright when it included UK public service channels in its offering without […]

EU TV plan risks ‘damaging investment and growth’

Europe’s commercial broadcasters have said proposed changes to to the main directive covering content and distribution risk stunting growth in the sector, reducing consumer choice, and putting a brake on investment in local programming. Europe is in the throes of revising the AVMS Directive with a view to fostering the digital economy in the region. […]

UK will cover Brexit TV shortfall

The UK Treasury has pledged to underwrite any shortfall resulting from content companies receiving EU funding when Brexit is enacted. There has been widespread concern and confusion among UK producers about the status of projects receiving Creative Europe funding when the UK exits the European Union, which will happen following the result of June’s national […]

Brexit: UK media has shot at global expansion

A new report for the UK government looking at Brexit challenges and opportunities says there is a major opportunity for UK media companies to expand the business they do globally if the right policies are put into place. Soon after the UK referendum vote in favour of leaving the European Union, the government and industry-backed Creative […]

Brexit: what does it mean for kids TV?

The kids TV business is starting to weigh the impact of Britain’s pending European Union exit. The kids sector in the UK was already under pressure, with the amount of locally made content steadily declining, and there was immediate concern over what Brexit will mean in terms of coproduction, access to EU funding and schemes, and […]

Euro broadcasters welcome EU anti-piracy plan

The European Commission has launched an action plan to deal with infringement of intellectual property rights within the EU and a strategy for protecting IP outside of the region. The EU said that it will adopt a ‘follow the money’ approach, which involves attempting to prevent commercial-scale IP infringement rather than penalising individuals. Europe’s commercial […]

EU Parliament backs calls to defend Euro TV from the US

The European Parliament has called for TV and film services to be left out of upcoming trade negotiations between the EU and the US, backing the stance adopted by Europe’s public broadcasters earlier this week. In a resolution adopted yesterday, the European Parliament said it was essential for the EU and its member states to […]