British Film Commission

Spain & Britain strike MoU to drive high-end TV & film collaborations

The British Film Commission and the Spain Film Commission have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), to enhance collaboration on high-end TV and film productions between the two countries. The MoU, which was signed yesterday at the Royal Palace of Valladolid in Spain, will see the two organisations build upon their existing relationship, which has […]

UK resumes sports, TV and film production, with lockdown exemptions

The British government has announced a deal that will allow the staging of selected sports events and the resumption of film and TV production. The news comes just as the government pledged £1.57 billion to the arts sector which has been left abandoned since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. This new declaration will see […]

British Film Commission lays out guidelines for screen production return

The British Film Commission (BFC) has today published a comprehensive set of guidelines to help the UK’s screen production industry get back to work. The 34-page document ‘Working Safely During COVID-19 In Film And High-End TV Drama Production’ has been endorsed by the UK Government and comes following a global consultation, which the BFC said […]

Tax breaks fuel UK’s global production hub ambitions

When UK Chancellor George Osborne sat down on March 20 having presented his Budget, the huzzahs of television producers should have been heard even above his own backbenchers, but the picture is a mixed one, reports Tim Adler. This year’s Finance Bill in the UK finally approved tax breaks for high-end drama production, animation and […]