TBI Tech & Analysis: Unpacking the $70bn+ online video ad market

Last week, we explored the huge potential of the global video advertising market, with revenues expected to hit $120bn by the end of 2024. Now, we take a deeper dive to find out how the sector is changing in specific countries with analysis from research powerhouse and TBI sibling, Omdia. As we have already discovered, global online video ad revenues will […]

TBI In Conversation: Painless Productions’ Jim Casey on keeping it real in paranormal programming

US-based Painless Productions launched comedic paranormal talk show Fright Club on Discovery+ last week. Speaking to TBI’s Mark Layton, company president and exec producer Jim Casey explains why, when it comes to the paranormal genre, honesty is always the best policy. Fright Club follows paranormal investigators Jack Osbourne and the Ghost Brothers – Dalen Spratt, Marcus Harvey and […]

TBI Weekly: Five global kids TV trends to look out for in 2021

With the first week of Kidscreen drawing to a close today, Rob Moyser, senior analyst for TV & online video at TBI sibling OMDIA, considers what 2021 has in store for the kids TV sector. From new streamers locking down premium IP to an anime boom, the continuing impact of the pandemic and platforms striking partnerships […]

TBI Kids: Unpacking animated co-productions & global potential

As Kidscreen gets underway, Helen Dugdale explores the rise in co-productions between Western and Eastern animation companies and finds out what makes the perfect IP for global exploitation. Co-productions in the kids space have been around for years but a variety of recent deals have turned heads and suggested a new wave of global co-operation is […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Exploring the booming online video ad market

Revenues from the global video advertising market are expected to grow by more than 70% over the next four years, fuelled in part by adaptable broadcasters and AVOD. Research powerhouse and TBI sibling Omdia explores how this huge market is set to change. Global online video ad revenues will grow from $70bn in 2020 to reach $120bn […]

TBI Weekly: What Brook Lapping’s Trump docuseries tells us about tenacity

UK factual producer Brook Lapping launches its three-part docuseries Trump Takes On The World on BBC Two next week. Series director Tim Stirzaker reveals how his team’s persistence through a pandemic – and an impeachment – secured unprecedented access to the former US president’s inner circle. When we started developing this series in the autumn of […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Why Netflix wants to impress the kids

Netflix is keen to brand itself as a family-friendly destination with all manner of content, but third-party kids programming is becoming increasingly tough to acquire. Rob Moyser, senior analyst for TV & online video at TBI sibling OMDIA, explores what the streaming giant is doing about it. Children’s animation has been a particular area of […]

How to produce around the world during a pandemic

Danny Sanz, VP of production at US-based prodco The ATS Team, reveals some of the top tips he has picked up while producing internationally during the pandemic over the past few months. Filming internationally was never easy, but as travel and technology have improved, over time, it became easier… until Covid appeared. It’s obvious that […]

What is driving the factual boom?

As Realscreen gets underway online, TBI deputy editor Mark Layton talks to top execs at global factual distributors about recent market trends and how the rise of streamers, coupled with the pandemic, is driving a factual boom. As the global pandemic and its myriad lockdowns, quarantine procedures and safety protocols continue to disrupt TV production, […]

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