Prime Video reveals ‘Yakuza: Like A Dragon’ drama as latest video game adaptation

Yakuza: Like A Dragon (Source: Amazon)

Amazon’s Prime Video has unveiled its latest video game adaptation, with Yakuza: Like A Dragon set to debut later this year.

The six-part live-action show has been shot in Japanese and is based on the original story from Sega’s 2005 hit game franchise of the same name.

Masaharu Take is attached to direct and Ryoma Takeuchi stars as the lead character – Kazuma Kiryu – with Japanese game firm Ryugagotoku Studio also attached alongside Amazon MGM Studios.

Exec producers include former Netflix exec Erik Barmack, Roberto Grande and Joshua Long.

The show, which follows the recent success of Prime Video’s adaptation of Fallout, has been slated to debut around the world on Prime Video from 25 October and will be subbed/dubbed into more than 30 languages.

The Yakuza franchise depicts the lives of fierce yet passionate gangsters and people living in a huge entertainment district, Kamurochō, a fictional district modeled after the violent Shinjuku ward’s Kabukichō, which acts as the backdrop of the gameplay.

The show is described as a “original crime-suspense-action” drama and will be set in 1995 and 2005, following how the decisions of Yakuza boss Kazuma Kiryu affect those around him.

James Farrell, head of international originals at Amazon MGM Studios, said the commission had come amid the “unfettered appeal for Japanese content from within Japan and other parts of the world”, which he added “has been growing exponentially.”

Masayoshi Yokoyama, head of Ryugagotoku Studio and exec producer, added: “While the games let you experience their world through the subjective lens, this adaptation will be the ultimately objective way to enjoy the show. I have no doubt that fans of the series will be drawn to how it brings the games to life and adds new surprises. Newcomers, I’m sure will find themselves invested simply in the gritty realism of the show.”

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