Highmount Capital invests $100m+ in YouTubers Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect

YouTube sports and comedy group Dude Perfect has secured a “nine-figure” investment from Highmount Capital.

The private investment firm did not disclose the specific amount, though reports indicate that it will be in the region of $100m to $300m.

The deal will allow the US group to build a management team, expand their slate of projects and open a headquarters in Frisco, Texas, where they are based.

Jason Illian, co-founder and general partner at Highmount Capital,said: “We are here to serve and help them steward their growing platform in ways that transform culture.”

The group, which includes Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert, Tyler Toney, Cory Cotton and Coby Cotton, began posting content on YouTube in 2009 and have since attracted more than 17.2 billion views to their channel.

Dude Perfect is known for their family-friendly content, particularly trick shot videos, and have built up their revenue stream through partnerships with food and drinks brands, as well as retail, merchandise and live events.

“Our mission at Highmount is to invest in transformational companies with great founders who are building scalable and influential platforms. While it wasn’t obvious at first, Dude Perfect is transforming from YouTubers to a media powerhouse,” said Illian.

“The Dudes have built a truly special brand, and we believe they are just getting started.”

Highmount’s investment in Dude Perfect comes less than a month since Amazon struck a deal, estimated at $100m, with YouTube personality MrBeast to create a reality competition series, as traditional investors begin to take greater note of YouTube content creators.

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