Check out TBI’s London TV Screenings & Series Mania edition!

This special issue for the London Screenings and Series Mania includes:

Distributor Insight
TBI talks to the top distribution execs at London TV Screenings to get their take on the industry and find out where their next deals are coming from

London TV Screenings map
Our comprehensive guide to what is happening, where and when during London TV Screenings week

Immerse yourself
Mark Layton delves into the opportunities, financial models and potential return on investment for producers that make the quantum leap into VR content

Navigating choppy waters
Streamers fuelled a booming scripted sector in the US and Europe, but with spending tightening, Richard Middleton explores the industry’s next moves

Fighting fit
Format reboots are proving more popular than ever. Andy Fry delves into this revival trend to see what’s next for the global format business

Hot Picks
From detective drama and an international thriller to a reality murder mystery and tween series, TBI takes a look at some of the hottest shows on the market

Plus: About Town, Formats, Scripted, Legal, Last Word: Gerrit Kemming, Quintus Studios

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