Hulu expands ESPN’s ‘Chad Powers’ sketch into full series

Still from the Eli’s Places sketch that inspired Chad Powers (Source: Hulu/ESPN)

US streamer Hulu has ordered Chad Powers, a half-hour comedy series based on an Eli Manning sketch that aired on ESPN+.

The series hails from 20th Television and is being created by Glen Powell and Michael Waldron, with US quarterback Manning serving as exec producer alongside the pair.

Also exec producing are Omaha Productions’ Peyton Manning, Jamie Horowitz, Ben Brown and ESPN, while Waldron and Adam Fasullo are producing for Anomaly Pictures.
The series stars Powell, who is also co-creating, co-writing and executive producing under his production co-banner Barnstorm Productions.

The show is based on the sketch produced by NFL Films and Omaha Productions that aired on ESPN+ as part of the Eli’s Places series, and follows Russ Holliday, whose college career is over due to bad behaviour – until he disguises himself and walks onto a struggling Southern football team as the talented, affable Chad Powers.

“We’re both diehard college football fans. When we saw Eli as Chad Powers, we knew that was the way into a big, fun story about this world. We’re excited to be part of this team, and can’t wait to get Chad in the game. Think fast, run fast,” said Powell and Waldron.

“The love for Chad Powers has surprised me in spectacular ways,” added Manning. “I played 16 years in the NFL, but now when I’m in a restaurant or walking through an airport, it’s not uncommon for fans to scream, ‘Hey Chad!’ I’m so excited to team up with my friends Glen Powell, Michael Waldron and Omaha Productions to continue to tell the Chad Powers story and see what he does next.”

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