LA-based talent firm A3 Artists Agency to shut down

(Source: CC Vincentas Liskauskas (Unsplash))

LA-based talent firm A3 Artists Agency is closing down, just months after selling off a swathe of its assets.

The news came via a staff memo from chief operating officer Todd Quinn, who said that the company had found itself “unable to continue operating in a sustainable manner”.

The shuttering of the firm comes a month after Gersh acquired the digital and alternative assets of A3, which had been in operation since the 1970’s.

Staff are set to receive their final pay and severance today, Quinn said in the memo.

The company has most recently found itself at the centre of a heated legal dispute, with CEO Robert Atterman and president Brian Cho suing the company’s owner and chairman, Adam Bold.

The suit, launched in December, accuses Bold of sexual misconduct and financial mismanagement, allegations he denies.

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