Germany’s Autentic & Canada’s Super Channel double down on Go Button shows

F-35A (Source: Go Button Media / U.S. Air Force)

German broadcaster Autentic and Canada’s Super Channel have commissioned a pair of shows from Daniel Oron and Natasha Ryan’s Go Button Media.

Colossal Weapons is a six-part series exploring the technological developments that have propelled wartime success, using exclusive archival footage, 4K CGI and expert interviews to explore how warfare has changed.

Each episode is dedicated to a different weapon, ranging from an F-35 fighter jet to the M1 Abrams Tank.

The broadcasters have also ordered a second season of Deadly Science, which explores stories of people who lost their lives in the name of scientific advancement.

Scientists featured include Rosalind Franklin, who discovered DNA’s double helix and used X-ray diffraction to capture it on camera, but then later succumbed to ovarian cancer from the radiation, and Carl Wilhelm Scheele. He discovered seven new chemical elements, unaware that some – like cyanide and arsenic – came with deadly side effects.

Both shows will deliver in 2024, with international distribution (exc Canada) handled by Autentic Distribution.

Daniel Oron, co-founder and executive producer at Go Button Media, said: “Both these companies are truly invested in collaboration, which enables and encourages a strong international output of our growing slate of our original productions.”

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