ZDF Studios, Boogie Entertainment & Aristosfilms team for ‘The Kim Dotcom Story’

Kim Dotcom (Source: ZDF Studios)

ZDF Studios has partnered with Boogie Entertainment and Aristosfilms for The Kim Dotcom Story, a scripted adaptation of the biography The Secret Life Of Kim Dotcom: Spies, Lies And The War For The Internet by David Fisher.

Robert Franke, VP of drama at ZDF Studios, and Boogie Entertainment’s producer and founder Rolant Hergert will act as executive producers on the 6 x 45-minute drama adaptation that explores Kim Dotcom’s transformation from German hacker to entrepreneur.

Kim Dotcom is the real-life mind behind the file-sharing platform MegaUpload, who found himself caught in a web of controversy when the US government declared his creation a criminal enterprise. In the face of pursuit by the FBI and CIA, Dotcom’s extravagant lifestyle, legal battles and defiance of copyright enforcement made him a symbol of digital resistance to some, and simply a mega-criminal to others.

The series is billed as “a thrilling mix of investigative thriller, courtroom drama and a gripping exploration of the darker corners of the internet” and is expected to be delivered in 2025. ZDF Studios will distribute the title, while casting and location scouting is now underway.

“We dive deep into the intriguing gray area that separates legitimate tech innovation from perceived illegitimacy, especially when it comes to the exploitation of copyrighted content. This project is a compelling exploration of the modern digital landscape, where lines blur, and the tech world’s true colors are revealed,” said Franke.

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