Spanish Sales Insights: Artico Distribution CEO, Carlos Sevillano

Sun’s Kingdom (Source: Artico)

Earlier this month, TBI and Audiovisual From Spain brought you deep-dive insights into the latest sales trends from some of the biggest names in Spanish scripted distribution. This week, we hear from a selection of industry-leading execs working across factual.

In this latest instalment, TBI speaks to Carlos Sevillano, CEO at Artico Distribution, as he discusses the growth of FAST channels, the competitive factual landscape and which genres are providing demand.

Carlos Sevillano (Source: Artico)

What types of buyers are showing most appetite?

There is a big demand for factual programming from FAST channels and content aggregators, but this does not translate into big bucks. Streamers have kept making big investments in original content while traditional outlets are struggling with declining audiences, but they still need competitive content to retain their viewers.

Which genres of Spanish factual programming are performing best for you?

Wildlife, science and history keep working for us abroad.

What sets Spanish factual shows apart from other country’s output?

As everywhere, access is key. There are some extraordinary examples of Spanish shows that have traveled the world and break into extremely difficult markets thanks to the incredible access to topics and characters achieved.

How has demand for Spanish factual programming changed over the past 12 months and why?

There have not been too many major changes in the last 12 months in terms of demand for factual content. Demand for crime and sports has remained strong while traditional docs are still in demand from public broadcasters, mainly. I have noticed a bigger demand on series than one-offs.

How do you expect the market to change next year?

There is an important readjustment of players in the industry. After years of abundance with the arrival of the streamers and a growing interest and demand in the factual field, everybody talked of the golden years of factual.

Now, the conversation has changed, and the topic is how to survive the crisis with a declining market. I am curious to see how the streaming war evolves, the impact on linear channels and the next merger in the distribution business, making it even harder for independents to run in an extremely competitive market.

What are your key three shows at the moment?
The Last Volcano, The Sun’s Kingdom, Water Stories

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