Israel’s HOT falls for romantic drama ‘Corduroy’ from Banijay’s MoviePlus Productions


HOT in Israel has commissioned Corduroy, an original romantic drama series from Banijay’s MoviePlus Productions.

Created by Hadas Ben Aroya (All Eyes Off Me, People That Are Not Me), series aims to challengestraditional tropes” and explores love “through a different lens.”

Corduroy follows Danielle, who is uninhibited and doesn’t believe in relationships but does have clear boundaries which she defends passionately. One of these involves adultery. However, when she finds herself falling in love with a married man her beliefs are challenged, and an undefinable relationship unfolds. To complicate matters further, her best friend and confidante is also in love with her.

The cast is led by Dar Zuzovsky (Hostages, Scarred), Nibar Madar (A Wonderful Country, Mo’adon Layla), and Erik Berman.

David Mandil, CEO and producer, MoviePlus,said: “Hadas Ben Aroya is a very talented creator, writer, and director. Our lives aren’t all like ‘typical’ romcoms which is why we wanted to create a series that highlights the unpredictability of feelings and the complexity of human nature.”

Israel-based Movie Plus Productions is behind international drama series including Our Boys for HBO, KIMiguel for Canal+ and Deus and Jerusalem Brew, Embezzlement for Yes Studios. Banijay acquired a majority stake in the company in November 2022.

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