Show of the Week: Three

This unique musical drama from Israel tracks the lives of three girls who form a band, exploring how their very different cultural backgrounds are no barrier to forging friendships and breaking down discrimination. The teen-skewing series, which is produced by Paramount-owned Ananey Studios and broadcast exclusively on HOT, aims to use the power of music […]

Israel’s HOT falls for romantic drama ‘Corduroy’ from Banijay’s MoviePlus Productions

HOT in Israel has commissioned Corduroy, an original romantic drama series from Banijay’s MoviePlus Productions. Created by Hadas Ben Aroya (All Eyes Off Me, People That Are Not Me), series aims to challenges “traditional tropes” and explores love “through a different lens.” Corduroy follows Danielle, who is uninhibited and doesn’t believe in relationships but does […]

Zeitsprung Pictures to adapt ‘Euphoria’ for German audiences

German production firm Zeitsprung Pictures has optioned the rights to develop a local adaptation of Euphoria. The scripted format follows a group of high school students as they deal with the complexities of love and friendship while also struggling with drug abuse, sex and personal trauma. Zeitsprung struck a deal to remake the show in […]

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