Prime Video investigates Woodcut Media’s Suffolk Strangler & Ian Brady true crime docs

Ian Brady

Amazon’s Prime Video SVOD service has picked up two true crime docuseries as exclusives for the UK & Ireland from factual firm Woodcut Media and distributor Abacus Media Rights.

Produced by Woodcut and distributed internationally by Abacus, Murder In The Red Light is scheduled to launch 19 April, while Becoming Ian Brady will launch 10 May.

The 3 x 45-minute Murder In The Red Light examines British murder cases where killers have targeted vulnerable sex workers as potential victims.

For many years these murders rarely hit the headlines and failed to be prioritised by the police. However, in 2006, this changed forever when local girls in the British town of Ipswich, in Suffolk, began to go missing. Over the course of two months, five women’s bodies were found, and dumped in remote rural areas. While families mourned, it became clear the murders were committed by one man, Steven Wright who later became known as the Suffolk Strangler.

The series explores the lives of the women themselves, the changing approach of policing these crimes before and after events in Ipswich, as well as examining the public and media response.

The series is produced by Milly Ali, directed by Jo Conchi, and executive produced by Matthew Gordon and Kate Beal for Woodcut Media.

Meanwhile, Becoming Ian Brady (3 x 45-minutes) presents the complete story of Britain’s most notorious killer, Ian Brady, who between July 1963 and October 1965, along with his partner Myra Hindley, killed five children in the Greater Manchester area.

It was a series of crimes that devastated families, changed a community, and shocked the world. Framing events through Brady’s involvement and the evolution of his twisted desires, the series examines the impact of the murders and questions how they could have happened.

The series is produced by Woodcut Media’s Emma Griffiths, directed by Andy Robinson, and executive produced by Matthew Gordon and Koulla Anastasi.

“With both these series we have taken new viewpoints on both the subjects and the bigger issues they cover, in order to offer fresh insight into familiar crimes,” said Gordon.

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