Greece’s Ant1+ orders disability dramedy from Antenna Studios

On All Fours

Greece’s Ant1+ has ordered On All Fours, an original dramedy from in-house Antenna Studios, which aims to challenge preconceptions around disability.

Launching on Ant1+ later this week, the 8 x 35-minute series follows Stella, a fun and rebellious disabled woman, who displays honesty, sarcasm, frustration, and humour, about life in her wheelchair, in equal measure.

Stella is neither ‘victim’, nor ‘hero’, and certainly doesn’t want to be an ‘inspiration’, she just wants to live her life and have lots of fun, including having an obsession with finding a boyfriend, even if everyone around her disapproves of her desire to spice up her love life.

Written and created by Themis Gkyrtis, and directed by Sergios Konstantinidis, the series aims to invite the audience to experience “a unique perspective on disability.”

Para-athlete and campaigner, Georgia Kaltsi, plays the role of Stella. A wheelchair user herself, Antenna said that her casting “brings authenticity and realism to the main role, as her character navigates the unforgiving terrain of Athens, while dealing with the conservative attitudes of its residents.”

CEO of Antenna Studios, Michael Iskas, added: “On All Fours is a powerful universal story that has inspired everyone at Antenna Studios and, in making it, it has also changed the way we see the world around us, for the better. We believe it will have the same effect on viewers worldwide.”

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