Reshet 13 boards ‘The Clinic’, new thriller from ‘Your Honor’ co-creator Ron Ninio

Ron Ninio

Ron Ninio, the co-creator and showrunner of Israeli drama Kvodo, is co-writing The Clinic, a new espionage thriller with Reshet 13 on board the series.

Yes TV series Kvodo went on to become on the world’s most adapted scripted formats, best known for its US Showtime remake Your Honor, starring Bryan Cranston, which Ninio also exec produces.

For his new series, Ninio has teamed up with Amir Oren and Sharon Bar-Ziv, while Your Honor executive producer Rob Golenberg is producing.

Israeli broadcaster Reshet 13 has already boarded the series and Nino is aiming for an American-Israeli co-production.

In a recent interview with TBI, Ninio said that such co-productions were the key to ensuring that Israeli drama continues to thrive amid the current global cost of living crisis.

Based on real characters and events, The Clinic tells the story of Steven Neuman, one of New York’s top surgeons, a doctor by day and assassin by night. Having served as an Israeli Navy commando, he completed his medical degree in Jerusalem before returning to the U.S. to run a prestigious practice. When Mossad and the FBI uncover a plot to overthrow the US government, they send in Neuman, who uses his medical expertise to kill.

“Dr Steven Neuman has a constant conflict between his doctor’s oath to save peoples’ lives and his job at the Mossad, which in many cases means killing people,” said Ninio.

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