Astro returns Fremantle format ‘Family Feud’ to Malaysia

Family Feud Australia

Astro in Malaysia has acquired Fremantle’s entertainment gameshow format Family Feud, with plans to return it to screens in the country after an absence of almost 15 years.

The broadcaster is planning multiple language versions of the format, set to debut in mid-2023.

The format sees features competing teams of five members, which can either be family members or celebrity teams. The host poses a question which has already been surveyed across 100 people and  the first team to buzz in with an answer that matches one of the survey’s responses, gains control of the game board.  The first team to reach the highest number of points is the winner and goes on to play in the final for the big prize.

Family Feud aired across a variety of channels in Malaysia, including TV3 and Ntv7, from the mid 1990s until 2009. The format has also been produced in Asian countries such as China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines and Hong Kong, with broadcaster TVB picking up the rights last year.

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