MIPCOM 2019 Kids Hot Pick: Kingdom Force

Described as a ‘high-octane animated action show’ aimed at older pre-schoolers, Kingdom Force follows the exploits of five animal heroes who must serve and protect the citizens of their different kingdoms.

The kings are supported by a fearless wolf leader, Luka, and their rescue vehicles, which can transform into a giant super-robot called Alpha-Mech.

This 52 x 11-minute 3D animated series, set to debut on CBC this autumn, was created by Industrial Brothers co-founder Matt Fernandes, whose credits include The Jim Henson Company’s show Dot and Industrial Brothers’ own properties Top Wing, Yup Yups and Gummandos.

Animated at Industrial Brothers and Canadian animation and VFX house Jam Filled Entertainment, Kingdom Force combines children’s love of action heroes, animals and vehicles as well as championing diversity, according to Boat Rocker Studios.

The distributor’s MD Jon Rutherford explains: “Each of our heroes comes from a different Kingdom with their own cultures and traditions but when they combine their individual strengths to help save ‘animal kind’ and unite to become Kingdom Force, the team is unbreakable,” he says.

Rutherford adds that Boat Rocker has secured “significant” sales with leading international broadcasters across a number of territories and will be holding further discussions.

Kingdom Force
Distributor: Boat Rocker Studios
Producer: Industrial Brothers, Boat Rocker Studios
Broadcaster: CBC (Canada)
Logline: Five animal heroes must band together to protect the citizens of various kingdoms

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