De Mol helps creators find ‘The Fastest Way to Screen’

John de Mol and his Talpa Network are introducing ‘The Fastest Way to the Screen’ – a format ‘accelerator’ that gives international creators a chance to gain straight-to-series orders, and has hired former Sony exec Lisette van Diepen to lead it.

John de Mol1The Fastest Way to the Screen will accept pitches for non-released, new original paper formats, from any international party.

Once chosen, creators would see their shows go straight to series in the Netherlands on one of the four linear television networks of Talpa Network.

De Mol will also help to promote the format and get the IP ready for global rollout, including worldwide production and distribution.

Talpa has hired acquisition veteran van Diepen to lead the accelerator. TBI broke the news that van Diepen departed from Sony’s formats department in February.

De Mol, who has created formats such as Big Brother and Fear Factor, said: “Bringing your idea to screen can take forever nowadays. Now that I have 100% ownership of the Network group in The Netherlands, I’ve decided to fast track this process by selecting third party formats myself, together with my commissioning team at the networks in the Netherlands.

“Under this approach, we give international parties the opportunity to launch their format in our country in return for co-ownership of the format.”

This reiterates points de Mol made last month as he launched Talpa Network as a consolidated hub for his media assets, including his suite of Dutch channels. His production and distribution business, Talpa Media, is part of ITV Studios, operating separately.

A new format, Friendly Divorce, is already set to launch through the accelerator. The format will see couples leave the decision to divorce in the hands of their friends and family.

Friendly Divorce will go straight to series in 2018 on SBS6, Talpa Network’s flagship channel. It was created by French prodco WeMake, which is led by former Shine France COO Bouchra Rejani.

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