Netflix to debut El Chapo-themed bio series

El Chapo

Scene from El Chapo

Netflix is set to debut the biographical series The Day I Met El Chapo: The Kate del Castillo Story in October 2017.

The three-part series is the biographical account of Mexican actress del Castillo and her infamous meeting between with Sean Penn and the notorious narco drug lord.

The series is produced by 25/7 Productions and Kate del Castillo Productions. The executive producers include David Broome, Yong Yam and del Castillo. The director of the series is Carlos Armella.

Del Castillo said: “As an actress I’ve been given the opportunity to portray fascinating fictional characters, roles I am very proud of. Now I get the chance to tell my story, my reality, my truth.

“This project will dive into how it began, why I pursued accepting the rights to the life story of one of the most controversial narco figures and what happened after.”

Broome, the series creator, said: “I was extremely excited to delve into the craziest ‘life imitating art’ saga I’ve ever heard, a story wrapped around a core of complex social and political issues. I’m honoured that Kate gave me the opportunity to tell her truth.

Season two of current Netflix series El Chapo (pictured) will also return on the platform this September after a nine-episode debut season was released earlier in the year.

The SVOD service has also found considerable success with drama Narcos, which fictionalises the life of another kingpin, Pablo Escobar, and the war between police and Colomvbia’s drug lords.

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