Strike leads to Cartoon Forum date change

Kids-headerCartoon Forum 2017The organisers of Cartoon Forum have moved the event forwards a day due to planned industrial action in France.

The event will now begin on September 12 and end on September 14, allowing delegates and participants to fly in to Toulouse a day early.

A major French union is planning a nationwide strike on September 12 to protest government labour plans.

“Following the announcement by the French trade unions of a general strike on September 12, Cartoon has decided to bring Cartoon Forum forward by one day,” said Marc Vandeweyerand his team at event organiser CARTOON in an email to delegates. “This is a final decision.”

CARTOON noted the strike could be cancel, but could not “risk waiting”. The organisation added the ‘general’ nature of the strike could affect both train and plane journeys.

“At worst, this would mean that most participants wouldn’t be able to reach Toulouse on that day which would lead to the cancellation of this edition of the Cartoon Forum. We don’t want to take any risk and to bring the Cartoon Forum forward by one day is the least bad solution.”

The annual welcome dinner will be held on September 11, with the event proper beginning the following morning.

“We thank you for your understanding, and please be assured that we are truly sorry to impose this change – you have understood that we are not responsible,” said Vandeweyer. “Luckily, the news about the strike has been communicated sufficiently in advance so that everybody can adapt.

“We know that some of you will have to change their agenda and postpone meetings; others will have to change hotel bookings, but we really thank you for your flexibility. For our part, this will significantly increase our workload.”

This year’s Forum, once again held in Toulouse, will feature 83 animation projects from 23 territories from across Europe and South Korea.

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