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Kids-headerKosmoo is a live-action adventure series that follows Robbe and his bionic dog Kosmoo as they embark on a journey to solve crimes and mysteries in the sleepy village of Seaview. They are assisted by Ellis, the girl next door, who is a wheelchair user. Robbe’s bedroom can be transformed into a secret control centre from which Ellis and Robbe are able to guide Kosmoo’s activities. Robbe’s parents Esther and Markus are oblivious to the fact that Kosmoo is not your average pet.

The 39x25mins series launched internationally at MIPTV. “Kosmoo debuted on Studio 100 TV in the Benelux and has already been picked up by public Swedish kids’ channel SVT Barnkanalen as well as public kids broadcaster NRK Super in Norway,” says Martin Krieger, head of global distribution at Studio 100 Media. “It is targeted at 6-to-9-year-olds and is gender-neutral.”

In terms of its attraction to buyers, Krieger says: “It combines comedy and crime in a suitable and entertaining way for children. The setting in a scenic coastal village with the main characters living on a houseboat gives the series an appealing look. Robbe’s father is the ‘comedian’ of the show, while Robbe’s mother is the voice of reason and sense. This leads to entertaining conflicts. Additionally, the friendship between Ellis and Robbe enables them to work together very closely.”

On the subject of its being live-action, Krieger says: “Live-action always speaks to trends and fashion, which may not be global but local. The extent to which we can create this local relevance, together with a universal appeal, determines the distribution success. We have a history of producing live action shows and distributing them successfully.”

The show: Kosmoo
The producers: Studio 100 Media
The distributor: Studio 100 Media
The broadcaster: Studio 100 TV
The concept: A live-action comedy-adventure about a boy and his bionic dog solving mysteries in a sleepy village

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