Gil conceives Pregnant & Platonic format

Pregnant & PlatonicIsrael’s Gil Formats has created a format based around the concept of co-parenting called Pregnant & Platonic.

Co-parents are men and women who look to have children together without first falling in love.

Gil founder Assaf Gil this year had his first child as a co-parent, which led to the inspiration for the format.

The format was, however, co-developed with Michael Yudin’s US-based indie MY Entertainment.

Pregnant & Platonic has a self-contained episode format in which participants meet three potential partners hand selected for them by parenting experts, before going through an intensive parenting boot camp to determine if their values and approaches are compatible.

If the participant chooses a partner, they are then followed over the course of a year as they try to turn their dreams into reality and have a child.

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