Cinemax developing Marvel drama

Scripted-logo-460_2HBO-owned premium pay channel Cinemax is developing a Marvel Television series.

The US network is working on a TV adaptation of the Marvel / Icon Comics series Scarlet, according to various reports.

The series creator, Marvel Comics writer Brian Michael Bendis, had said the series was in development at HBO, but US news sources confirmed Cinemax is, in fact, the attached network.

Bendis is best known for co-creating the Jessica Jones character, which was adapted for Netflix, and comic books series Powers, which Sony Playstation adapted as its first original drama.

He said the Scarlet series was “at the earliest stage”, but added it would be officially announced “as soon as all are on the same page”.

The Scarlet comics follows a rebellious young woman from Portland, Oregon who sparks a second American revolution.

Cinemax is currently riding high thanks to Outcast, its Robert Kirkman comic book adaptation that launched to record ratings.

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