Pre-MIPTV presales for TCB Media

Bermuda TriangleTCB Media Rights has presold a trio of its new shows ahead of MIPTV.

The UK-based distributor has shopped Arrow Media and Handel Productions’ one-hour docs Definitive Guides: Extreme Sea Monsters and New Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle (pictured) to RMC Découverte in France, N24 in Germany, and SBS and Foxtel in Australia.

TCB founder and boss Paul Heaney said: “The Definitive Guides are the biggest budget shows on our books — and Arrow Media has used every penny to create impact.

“Not only are they about perennially fascinating subjects — who doesn’t love a sea monster or a Bermuda Triangle mystery? — but they contain genuinely new science, new reveals and amazing CGI.”

Foxtel and RMC have also licensed Like A Shot Entertainment’s six-part doc Inside Secret Societies, which explores secret societies, cults and militant groups, including the KKK, the Priory of Sion and the Order of Assassins.

Heaney added: “These pre-sales are a great start to our MIPTV 2016 campaign and a promising sign of business to come.

“The indies that now shape the TCB creative community and work closely with us are just a vital part of our raison d’être. Distributors in the factual genre need to grow at pace to match this fast moving genre.”

TCB’s other new shows in its 19-strong MIPTV slate include Las Vegas water shortage doc Beaver Las Vegas, and Kitten Impossible, which features feline clips and facts.

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