Autentic to bringing Mafia Queens to market

Mafia QueensGerman distributor Autentic will launch doc series Mafia Queens and Children of Dictators at MIPDoc and MIPTV.

The 4x52mins Autentic and Spot Production series Children of Dictators interviews the offspring of infamous dictators including Lucia Pinochet in Chile, Jaffar Amin in Uganda and Bettina Goering.

Another four parter for the market is Mafia Queens, which delves in the world of female mafia bosses. The producers interview the former crime lords who are all now living under police protection.

The Autentic line-up for the market also includes nature doc Magical Moors, from renowned filmmaker Jan Haft, 4K mountaineering doc Citadel.

There is also panoramic one-off doc Berlin from Above.

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