Buyers briefing: Ieng Kimsreng, CTN Cambodia

Buyers Briefing

Name: Ieng Kimsreng      

Title: Deputy general manager, Cambodian Broadcasting Service (CTN)

Ahead of next month’s ATF market in Singapore, TBI spoke to key buyers in the region about their acquisitions strategy.

Describe the profile of the channels for which you are buying?

Our company CBS operates three free-to-air channels – CTN, MyTV ands CNC – which enjoy more than 40% of the total viewership market share.

CTN targets the mass audience, with a range of content targeting from kids to senior people. Most of the content is family-oriented. MyTV’s target audiences are from 15 to 45 years old. Most of the content is fast pace moving. CNC is a 24-hour news channel.

What is the mix of acquired and original content?

CTN & MyTV are about 40% – 60% foreign versus local content, and CNC is about 95% local content.

In terms of acquisitions, which distributors do you work with – is it the large US studios, the European distribution groups or local Asian distributors?

All of the above, but a bigger proportion with local Asian distributors.

What have you acquired recently — what acquired shows are performing well for you?

The format game show MTWI (Minute To Win It) is doing well and the Filipino series Amaya was great for us.

When you buy a programme, do you acquire all rights?

Only free-to-air.

Do you acquire local format rights or just finished shows?

Both formats and finished shows.

What is the cycle when it comes to acquisitions?

We stock content up, up to six months in advance, and acquisitions are continuous throughout the year.

What are you looking for at the moment in terms of acquired programmes?

We mostly buy Asian drama series, especially Chinese, Korean and from the Philippines. We also buy some [international] sport programmes like international boxing, soccer, and format gameshows that have worked well in other countries.

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