MIPCOM Hot Pick: Queen of Hearts

Queen-of-Hearts_HiResTelemundo Internacional will have contemporary telenovela Queen of Hearts (Reina de Corazones) for buyers at MIPCOM. Set in the world of precious stone trafficking in Las Vegas.

Melissa Pillow, sales director for Europe, Telemundo Internacional, says the series combine classic and contemporary telenovela styles.

“It’s a perfect mix of both,” Pillow says. “We have a beautiful love story with an amazing on-screen chemistry between the protagonists, as well as two villains keeping them apart, whom the audience will love to hate. Both of these elements make it classic.”

She adds: “At the same time, however the ambiance of Las Vegas and the fast-paced manner in which the viewer is taken back-and-forth to different stages of the storyline, with flashback features, make it very contemporary.”

Telemundo Internacional first showed it to European buyers at NATPE earlier this year, but will be giving the show another push as part of its MIPCOM slate.

The series started airing in Mexico in April and on US Hispanic net Telemundo in July.

NBCUniversal-owned Telemundo ordinarily waits until its shows are about 20 episodes in, on the US channel, before releasing them internationally, meaning Queen of Hearts is available now for international buyers.

Pillow says she expects Queen of Hearts to be its top seller among European buyers this year and anticipates free-to-air and cable channels to acquire the show.