MIPTV News: Noble Savage playing Mind Games in Cannes

Noble Savage, the formats company run by former Sony exec Fraser Small, is launching a Dutch-originated quiz/entertainment format, Mind Games, at MIPTV.

A second season of the show has been ordered by Nederland 2 and the Dutch public broadcaster will play the new episodes in a Friday primetime slot after the debut series performed well. Season two launches tonight.

The show features a trio of celebrities and tests their understanding of a different emotional states such as greed, empathy, lust and lying, and tasks them with predicting how members of the public will react when secretly filmed.

The show was created by Noble Savage and public service group NTR.

Noble Savage’s other big launch for MIPTV is We Were There, which will play on cable channel NostalgieNet in the Netherlands from September. In the show, six people are invited to meet in a bar, only to find that they have something incredible in common such as all being present at a significant event in recent history.

Tim Beudel, CEO of NostalgieNet said: “These people were there at a moment in our history we all remember. It’s very dramatic, some of these people are meeting the military personnel that saved them, for the first time.”

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