MIPTV News: Cannes will be in ultra high definition

The organisers of MIPTV have teamed with Sony to showcase ultra high definition television in Cannes, while speakers from the BBC, Sky Deutschland and other will lecture on working in the next generation format.

As part of its 50th anniversary theme of Screening the Future, a range of conference and technical events will showcase the new format, known as 4K TV, which presents content in four times higher resolution than regular HD.

MIPTV said that the series of events will “demonstrate to producers of today that 4K is the broadcast standard of tomorrow – and that they need to plan for it now”.

The 4K events include a 40-minute introductory taster on the format as part of the MIPCube event, but the main focus of the ultra HD content will be an ‘Ultra-HDTV Super Session’ on the Wedenesday morning of MIPTV.

Speakers at that session will include BBC Natural History boss Mike Gunton, Sky Deutschland programming executive VP Gary Davey and Norbert Hoelzle, CCO of satellite services company SES Astra.

Throughout the MIPTV market, Sony will be staging a continuous display of 4K material in prominent positions within the Palais des Festival, and will also be demonstrating its new giant 84-inch 4K Bravia television.

“The 4K format is more than just the next step along the road in terms of improved image quality. It offers spectacular detail that opens the possibility for a whole new way of shooting; such is the richness of the image quality. MIPTV aims to make producers aware that 4K is here, and it’s now, and that they have to plan for it,” said Laurine Garaude, director of Reed Midem’s Television Division.


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