Steve King

Internet advertising overtaking TV

Internet ad spend is eclipsing that of traditional TV in an increasing number of key international markets. Media agency ZenithOptimedia monitors ad spend across all media around the world. It said this morning that the internet will be the dominant medium in 12 key markets in 2017 and will globally generate more ad revenue than […]

Ad spend rising, but Russia and China temper growth

Global ad spend will continue to grow in the next couple of years, but at a slower rate than previously expected, according to analysts. Media agency ZenithOptimedia measures worldwide ad sales and says that across all media , there will be 4.4% growth, taking the total to US$544 billion, in 2015. That will accelerate to […]

TV advertising losing market share to internet

TV continues to take the largest share of TV advertising revenue by medium, but the proportion it commands has peaked because of the speed of growth in Internet advertising, according to media buyer ZenithOptimedia. ZenithOptimedia says that TV share of the overall advertising market peaked last year when it accounted for 39.6% of all ad […]